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PhD students

Project ANR "ACORFORMED" (Virtual Reality for Training Doctors to Break Bad News)

  • Project ANR "Blanc", 2015-2018
  • Partners : LPL, LIS, ISM, ISIR, IPC, CHU Angers, Immersion

  • I am the Principal Investigator of the project, together with Prof. Magalie Ochs.

    Project ANR "OTIM" (Tools for Multimodal Information Processing)

  • Project ANR "Blanc", 2008-2011
  • Partners : LPL, LIMSI, LSIS, LIA

  • I am the Principal Investigator of the project which aims at developing resources and tools for creating and annotating multimodal corpora

    Project PEPS "IHM multimodale en réalité virtuelle"

  • Project PEPS (CNRS), 2008-2009
  • Partners : LPL, I3S, ISM, LIA, Sté Jensys

  • I am the coordinator of this project. It aims at studying multimodal communication in virtual reality environments, focusing more specifically on collaborative tasks.


    • Filtering parsing
    • Ambiguity resolution
    • Reusable systems

    Several parsers have been developed in these perspectives. They have been evaluated during the French evaluation campaign Easy.

    Syntax: Property Grammars

    We propose a new syntactic approach, called Property Grammars, making it possible to take into account empirical as well as formal aspects of linguistic description. Property Grammars are fully constraint-based. They interpret parsing as an actual constraint satisfaction proces

    Alternative communication

    Alternative communication consists in developing communication devices making it possible for handicapped people to write and synthesize messages. The system helps users even suffering from cognitive troubles. It proposes a set of helping tools for written as well as non verbal communication. A working group was created at the LPL, gathering researcher in linguistics, psychology, medicine as well as therapeutists and users. This project led to the creation of the start-upAEGYS.

    Multilevel corpus annotation for spoken language

    This project aims at developing tools helping in the multilevel annotation of spoken language corpora. Annotations come from different domain (phonetics, phonology, syntax, pragmatics, etc.) and are aligned with the acoustic signal. They are encoded in XML and a specific query language is under development in collaboration with LSIS (University of Toulon)