Cheryl Frenck-Mestre, PhD

cheryl.frenck-mestre AT
Senior Research Scientist
National Center for Scientific Research


The Brain and Language Research Institute (BLRI)

Most recently, the LPL joined several major research labs to create the BLRI. The institute combines the talents of numerous research scientists and will provide opportunities for scientific exchange, for staff, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

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My research is centered around language processing, quite often as accomplished by bilinguals. Current areas of interest are L2 syntactic processing and lexical ambiguity, phoneme perception and production. My research methods include the recording of eye-movements during reading, and speeded behavioral tasks as well as the recording of ERPs for both visual and auditory linguistic stimuli. I am also involved in research using fMRI to determine the cortical structures involved in language processing.

The "Parole et Langage"(Speech and Language) laboratory LPL is comprised of researchers from an extended number of fields (phonetics, psycholinguistics, linguistics, mutli-modal communication, pragmatics, prosody, automatic language tagging, among others) which makes for a highly active and productive worksite.

The laboratory is fully equipped, with a professional recording studio for creating auditory materials, an electromagnetic articulograph for speech studies EMMA, a new Eyelink 1000 tower mount eye-tracker EyeLink2, two ERP systems (a 32 channel system as well as 64 channel Biosemi). Our laboratory is also linked with the fMRI center in Marseille IRMF, at which I've run recent studies.

A recent CV is available here