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5-9 September 2016 : RAPP co-funds the invitation of Jelena Krivokapic at LPL

Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, expert on prosodic planning and articulation, Jelena will also intervene in the summerschool on "Prosody". Collection of articulatory data with C. Petrone is scheduled Read More

29 June 2016 : Invited talk of C. Petrone at University Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich)

06 February 2016 : C. Petrone and M. D'Imperio @ Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI)

Interview for a documentary on the phenomenon of "Brain Drain" for the national public broadcasting company in Italy See video

22 December 2015 : Invited talk of C. Petrone at University of Naples "Federico II"

Introduction to prosody and dysprosody to master students at the Departement of Language and Litterature.

7-11 October 2015 : RAPP @ Fête de la Science

Manipulez, testez, participez à des visites de laboratoires, dialoguez avec des chercheurs, découvrez les métiers de la recherche, stimulez votre goût pour les sciences ! Read More

June 2015: RAPP invites Caroline Menezes

Assistant Professor at Toledo University, expert on articulation and speech disorders, Caroline will intervene in the meeting of the physiology group. Collection of articulatory data with C. Petrone is also scheduled Read More

29 April 2015: RAPP @ Scientific Speed Dating

Unusual, surprising, entertaining, the principle of these "express meetings" is simple: talking with a researcher during a one-to-one conversation for seven minutes, about the question: "So, what is your research on?". Read More

March 2015: RAPP invites Benjamin Swets

Assistant Professor at Grand Valley University, expert on speech planning and psycholinguistics, Ben will give a talk on individual differences on planning. Collection of eye-tracking data with C. Petrone is also scheduled Read More

10-11 April 2015

Workshop "Temporal sequencing and coordination in speech and movements" (Aix-en-Provence) organised by C.Petrone, S. Falk and N. Nguyen and supported by the UFR ALLSH, AMU

In this workshop, we aim at bringing together different perspectives on temporal sequencing and coordination from language and movement sciences to better understand the time flow of communicative interaction.

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