Representation And Planning of Prosody

Project number: ANR-14-CE30-0005

General Information: The RAPP project is funded by the French National Research Agency for a four-year period (2014-2018). It has been rewarded within the frame of the DS10 call “Défi de tous les savoirs". The project is coordinated by Dr. Caterina Petrone and it benefits from the expertise of many members of the Laboratoire Parole et Langage as well as the collaboration of the "Pôle de Neurosciences Cliniques" of the Hospital la Timone (Marseille) and the Neurology Department of the Centre Hospitalier du Pays d'Aix (Aix-en-Provence) (see below).

Summary: The RAPP research project aims at investigating prosodic planning in French, by determining how far ahead speakers plan intonation contours. It will be the first study addressing such an issue, by determining (1) if the size of the planning unit is flexibly adapted by the speakers depending on the pragmatic situation; (2) if prenuclear information can be used to predict the pragmatic value of an utterance as soon as it becomes available; and (3) if differences in speaker-specific behavior can be explained by variations in cognitive abilities. The first two questions will be investigated through the analysis of semi-spontaneous acoustic corpora (dialogues and monologues) and eye-tracking experiments. Possible cognitive constraints will be investigated by looking at the effects of working memory capacity in healthy adults and in individuals with cognitive disorders, and in particular, with patients affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Our results will provide evidence for/against the recent claim in psycholinguistics that incremental planning is under strategic control, and on the role of prosody in models of language production. The results will also have implications for theories of intonational phonology and meaning. The originality of the project lies in its interdisciplinary perspective, combining knowledge and experimental methods from phonetics, phonology, pragmatics, psycholinguistics and speech pathology.


Dr. Caterina Petrone (Field of Research: Prosody, Phonetics, Phonology) >>


Name Field of Research Affiliation
Maud Champagne-Lavau Pragmatics, Pathology LPL >>
Mariapaola D'Imperio Prosody LPL >>
Sophie Dufour Psycholinguistics LPL >>
Alain Ghio Natural Language Processing LPL >>
Cristel Portes Prosody, Pragmatics LPL >>
Laurent Prévot Pragmatics, Semantics LPL >>
Stéphane Rauzy Natural Language Processing LPL >>
Laurent Renié Neurology Hospital du Pays d'Aix (Aix-en-Provence) >>
Laurent Martinez Almoyna Neurology Hôpital du Pays d'Aix >>
Noémie Moreau Neuropsychology LPL and Hôpital du Pays d'Aix >>
François Viallet Neurology Hôpital du Pays d'Aix >>
Bertrand Audoin Neurology Hôpital La Timone (Marseille) >>
Audrey Rico Neurology Hôpital La Timone >>
Fanélly Pariollaud Neuropsychology Hôpital La Timone >>
Françoise Reuter Neuropsychology Hôpital La Timone >>
Jean Pelletier Neurology Hôpital La Timone >>



Sarah Terrien (starting from December 2016) >>

Research Ingegneers

Elisa Sneed German (since October 2015) Project on "Prosody of yes/no questions in French" >>

Céline De Looze (April-August 2015; now at Trinity College Dublin), Project on "Automatic classification of multiple sclerosis based on prosody" >>

Publications RAPP


Petrone, C., Fuchs, S., Koenig, L. ( JASA) Changes in breathing under different focus conditions. >>

Petrone, C., Truckenbrodt, H., Wellmann, C., Holzgrefe, J., Höhle, B. and Wartenburger, I. (major revisions, JPhon) On the production and perception of prosodic cues in bracketed lists in German. >>

Delooze, C., Ghio, A., Moreau, N., Renié, L., Rico, A., Audoin, B., F. Viallet, J. Pelletier and Petrone, C. (major revisions, J Neuropsychol) Effects of cognitive impairment on prosodic planning in Multiple Sclerosis. >>

Holzgrefe-Lang, J., Wellmann, C., Petrone, C., Räling, R., Truckenbrodt, H., Höhle, B., Wartenburger, I. (accepted). How pitch change and final lengthening cue boundary perception in German: Converging evidence from ERPs and prosodic judgments. Language, Cognition and Neurosciences >>

Fuchs, S., Petrone, C., Rochet-Capellan, A., Reichel, U. and Koenig, L. (2015). Assessing respiratory contributions and the effect of utterance length to f0 declination in German across speech tasks. Journal of Phonetics, 52. 35-45.

Fuchs, S., Pape, D., Petrone, C. and Perrier, P. (editors). 2015. Individual differences in speech production and perception (Speech production and perception) . Frankfurt/M.: Peter Lang Publisher.

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Proceedings and talks

Petrone, C., Lonobile, A., Zielinski, C., and Ito, K. (2016). The role of prosody in processing speaker commitment in French. Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2016.

Petrone, C., Carbone, F. and Champagne-Lavau, M. (2016). Effects of emotional prosody on skin conductance responses in French. Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2016.

Petrone, C. and D'Imperio, M. (2015). Effects of syllable structure on intonation identification in Neapolitan Italian. Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2015.

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Invited talks

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Title: Effects of cognitive impairements in Multiple Sclerosis on conversational interactions. Date: 29/06/2016

University of Naples "Federico II", Italie. Title : Linguistic and emotional prosody. Date : 22/12/2015.

University of Naples "Federico II". Title : Phonological, phonetics and clinical aspects of prosody. Date : 12/2015. Read More


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- Master dissertations (Aix-Marseille University)


Pauline Vedy, Investigation of emotional prosody in Multiple Sclerosis (co-advisor: Maud Champagne-Lavau). Master in Cognitive Psychology.

Marine Mirallie and Caroline Seuté, Perception of emotional prosody: effects on electrodermal activity (co-advisor: Maud Champagne-Lavau). Master in Speech Therapy.

Nina Olivier, Prosodic adaptation as a function of differences in the interlocutors' cognitive skills (co-advisor: Céline De Looze). Master in Speech Therapy.


Keren Benittah and Adeline Trambert, Prosodic planning during conversational interactions in Multiple Sclerosis (co-advisors: Céline De Looze, Alain Ghio). Master in Speech Therapy.

- Stage (Aix-Marseille University)

Baptistine Marcel, Imitation of prosody in singers

- Erasmus Placement (partnership : LPL and University "Federico II", Naples; coordinators: C. Petrone; F. Dovetto)


Simona Schiattarella, Coordination mechanisms in dialogues in Multiple Sclerosis. (co-advisor: Elisa Sneed German).


Francesca Carbone, Electrophysiological mechanismes underlying variability of responses to emotional prosody (co-supervisor: Maud Champagne Lavau).

Daria D'Alessandro, Individual differences in prosodic imitation in singers and adults with no musical training (co-supervisor: Simone Falk, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München).

Alessandra Lo Nobile, Anticipatory cues of intonation: Effects of memory and speed of processing on sentence type identification. (co-supervisor: Kiwako Ito, Ohio State University.

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