May 23th-25th, 2011

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Linguistic Annotation and Interacting Knowledge Systems

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ILIKS is co-organizing a special event, an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Linguistic Annotation and Interacting Knowledge Systems, to celebrate the joining of the Laboratoire Parole et Langage (LPL) of Aix-en-Provence with ILIKS.

The whole event is a 3-day joint event:

We are happy to announce that the following Invited Speakers will be hosted:


Monday, May 23th, 2011

9h15-9h45 Philippe Blache
General presentation
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9h45-10h30 Robert Espesser and Brigitte Bigi
Transcription, Phonetization and Alignment
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10h30-11h Coffee Break
11h-11h45 Stéphane Rauzy and Daniel Hirst
Automatic annotations: tools, results
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11h45-12h30 Roxane Bertrand and Béatrice Priego-Valverde
Manual annotations: overview
12h30-13h45 Lunch Break
13h45-14h45 Laurent Prévot, Ning Tan, Gaelle Ferré and Marion Tellier
Manual annotations: disfluencies, discourse, gestures
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14h45-15h15 Gaelle Ferré and Roxane Bertrand
Illustration: backchannels, reinforcing gestures
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15h15-16h Philippe Blache and Julien Seinturier
Coding scheme and XML
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16h-16h15 Coffee Break
16h15-17h Elisabeth Murisasco, Emmanuel Bruno and Julien Seinturier
Querying multiple documents
17h-16h30 Conclusion

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

9h15-9h30 Introduction
9h30-10h15 Harry Bunt, Tilburg University
ISO/DIT dialogue annotation and its semantics
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10h15-11h Nancy Ide, Vassar College
The Open American National Corpus : An Interoperable, Open Collaborative Annotation Project
11h-11h30 Coffee Break
11h30-12h15 Christopher Cieri, UPenn, LDC
Language Resources for... Linguists???
Adapting Corpora and Methods for Interdisciplinary Research
12h15-14h Lunch Break
14h-14h45 Michael Kipp, DFKI Saarbruecken
Sign language coding, 3D behavior data and ANVIL
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14h45-15h30 Nick Campbell, Trinity College Dublin
Illustrating our Approach to the Collection of Unstructured Social Speech (and ways to describe it)
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15h30-16h Coffee Break
16h-16h45 Jonathan Ginzburg, Paris 7
Integrating multimodal interaction into learning in dialogue
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16h45-18h Daniel Hirst, LPL
Do we need explicit models of prosodic form to interpret spoken data?
Nathalie Aussenac, IRIT
Eliciting hierarchical structures from enumerative structures for ontology learning
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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

9h15-10h35 Federica Cavicchio, UNITN,
Computational modeling of uncooperation: the role of emotions
Noël Nguyen,LPL,
SPIM "Imitation in speech: From sensory-motor integration to the dynamics of conversational interaction"
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10h35-11h Coffee Break
11h-12h20 Cristel Portes (joint work with Roxane Bertrand), LPL,
Prosodic units in French interactional data
Amandine Michelas and Mariapaola D'Imperio, LPL
Accentual Phrase boundaries and lexical access in French
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12h20-14h Lunch Break
14h-15h20 Philippe Muller, IRIT
The importance of a semantics for semantic annotation: the temporal case
Rachele Sprugnoli, CELCT
Annotating Events, Temporal Expressions and Relations in Italian: the It-TimeML Experience for the Ita-TimeBank
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15h20-15h45 Coffee Break
15h45-16h45 Stergos Afantenos, Philippe Muller, Vladimir Popescu, Laure Vieu, IRIT
Exploitation of the Annodis (Discourse Annotation) Corpus